School/Curriculum Shows

Our educations staff have been performing live educational and entertaining reptile shows in the Hamilton area for over 15 years now. Some of our performance highlights every year include The Festival of Friends, numerous company parties, school groups, day cares, birthday parties, malls, libraries, festivals, girl guides, boy scouts, celebrations and conventions, just to name a few.

Reptile enjoys doing specific shows for grade schools and high schools in the Hamilton area. We average around 1280 shows a year, but only a small percentage of those show are for our schools. Last year we preformed over 70 shows for our school system. Our goal at Reptile is to concentrate more on the education aspects of our shows in the near future.

We would like to assist teachers in the school board by helping bring a hands on teaching approach into the classroom. I feel that we should be performing reptile shows at every school in the board, to expose as many children to these amazing creatures as we can. If we perform these shows as part of the school curriculum, teachers would continue to educate the children as per the curriculum, and we would conduct the hands on educational and entertaining live reptile show to reinforce what the children have already learned. Children, as you know, learn better in hands on session, and we would definitely be able to hold their attention to create the optimum learning atmosphere.

Types of Educational Shows Offered

We can accommodate any curriculum or grade level for our educational shows. The shows that are listed here are some of our more common shows. If you have an educational show idea, and it’s not listed here please contact us and we can work something out that benefits the students.

First Touches Program: This program is designed for pre-school and day care classes. We understand and believe in the fact that respect and love of nature, and wildlife starts at a very early age. This program is designed to start that respect and love of these creatures. The First Touches program is based on the fact that young children would like a chance to interact with the animals. We will give out some basic information about each animal, but our main focus is to allow the children to touch, and hold the animals. We will use 12-15 animals for this program. The animals are safe to touch, in a controlled setting. Please contact us for more information!

Live Reptile Show: This is an introduction to reptiles. Students will learn where they live, what they eat, how big they get, why they are important and so on. This is good for all ages, and is the generic show we use. If you’ve seen a show before, it was probably this one. It includes 12-14 animals. This is a one-hour show.

Endangered Awareness Show: This is for a classroom style show. We have presented this show to boy scouts, girl guides and classrooms for schools. This concentrates only on endangered animals. This concentrates on things like why they are becoming rare, where they live, problems they face as a species, as well as in their environment, what we can do to help, and the basic information regarding each species. Topics include loss of habitat, pollution, human population, global warming, invasive species, and harvesting of species. It includes 10-12 animals. We can provide handouts with information regarding species specific to this show. This is typically a one-hour show.

Reptile Growth and Survival: This show teaches the audience about how quickly, or slowly these animals grow, we bring adult animals and baby animals of the same species to show different sizes and ages. We talk about the changes the animals go through while they are maturing and growing. This show includes all the regular information regarding the animals as well, and is generally 12 species, 20 animals. This show starts small and ends huge! We will have some learning tools with us like shedded skin, which is a direct sign of growth.

Diversity of Living Things: Topics covered include the reptiles classification system, cold-blooded animals, skeleton systems (real skeletons, x-rays, turtle shells), habitats and information specific to the species. We use 12 animals for this show, including 2 arachnids, 2 amphibians and 8 reptiles. The eight reptiles generally included in this are two or three lizards, two or three snakes, a turtle, a tortoise and a crocodilian.

Reptile Reproduction Show: This program concentrates on reptiles and their reproductive systems and styles of reproduction. Internal and external fertilization, eggs vs live birth, it’s all covered here. This is an informative and fun session that includes approximately 10 animals, all with different reproduction behaviours and cycles. We have also produced a power point presentation specific to reptile reproduction that will be included in the presentation. We can provide handouts with information regarding species for this show. This show is geared towards a full high school class of 65-70 min, however can be adjusted.

Reptile Ecology: The Ecology unit will look at a wide range of information including habitats, ecosystems, biomes, food chains, predator vs. prey, reproduction, symbiotic relationships, conservation, endangered species and pollution and toxins, and their effect on wildlife. We have created a power point slide show to help in the classroom with this topic. This show is designed to be the 76-minute high school class, but can be shorter if needs being. We will use 10 animals or so during this presentation.

Evolution and Adaptation: The show will cover what adaptations and evolution is. It will look at specific ways a animal can evolve or adapt. Why do animals have to adapt? Specific species studies involving some of our animals and how they evolved and adapted to their environment. What major adaptations do reptiles have that have allowed them to evolve into the animals you see today! We use 12 animals for this show. The animals we will use are a scorpion, tortoise, turtle, 2 crocodilians, 3 lizards, 3 snakes, and 1 amphibian.

Insects, Invertebrates, and Arachnids: This is exactly what you think it would be. No Reptiles…. just bugs! We will use in between 15-20 live animals such as cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, and more! Topics include food chains, predator vs. prey, evolution, life span, habitat and ecosystems, conservation, growth, reproduction and myths! 30-60 min seminars would fit this program. If your class is studying these creatures, call us and we can help you!

Skulls and Bones: This program has no live animals. This program concentrates on all kinds of animals, from birds, reptiles, and even mammals. We will bring some skull Identification books, and tools, the skulls, and an experienced staff member so we can learn about these creatures. You can tell a lot about an animal from the skulls and bones. Skulls included in this program are Wolverine, Wolf, Fox, Skunk, Snapping Turtle, Wild Boar, Badger, Coyote, Lynx, Bobcat, and more. Contact us for a complete list. 14-20 skulls are included. Each skull has a two-page animal information sheet, with skull identification features. This program can be 30-60 min in length.

Prices at your school

School classroom shows:

  • $175 per classroom (limit of 40 children)
  • Buy 3 shows get the 4th show free. (all same day and location!)
  • Show content is based on your curriculum.

School assembly shows:

  • $2 per child (min. 125 children).
  • Discount of 25% for 300+ children.
  • Note that Assemblies are general shows and not curriculum based due to the mixture of grade levels.

Prices at our store:

  • $150 for a 1 hour educational program for 40 children or less
  • $300 for a 2 hour educational program for 40 children or less that includes a large snake feeding, and an Alligator feeding!
  • Buy 3 shows and as usual get the 4th show free!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our educational show please feel free to contact us directly at Reptile We would be happy to organize a show specific to your program, and curriculum. We can also perform an educational show as an assembly show for the entire school at once, however, we feel that the grade specific shows for 40 children and under would be the optimum situation for hands on learning activity. I believe that we can be used as a fun, but powerful learning tool, for children of all grades and ages.

We will look forward to educating and working with you this school year! Contact us for more details!