Rob Baldwin

Hi my names Rob. My interest in reptiles began with my snake catching adventure when I was young. After later purchasing a Bearded Dragon and learning more about it, my interest in reptiles grew as my knowledge expanded, realizing there were so many varieties. l expanded my pet collection over the years.

At the end of high school, I had the opportunity to do a co-op placement in ‘The Reptile Store’. I continued to volunteer there after the co-op was completed and eventually was offered summer employment. My knowledge increased dramatically in the three years that I worked full time at The Reptile Store until recently when it closed. I don’t think there is a better feeling than after having sent someone home happy, with a healthy animal, all the proper supplies and education to keep it healthy, to then hearing how well the reptile is doing on a following visits.

As an employee of Reptile, I look forward to giving you the best customer service, and information about the reptile you may be interested in. I’m pleased to be a member of the team providing you with advice and suggestions for any situation that may arise with your reptile.

Jeff Reynolds

It’s not often that you get to enjoy the privilege of working with your lifelong passion! I’m one of the fortunate to do so. After 20+ years in the automotive component manufacturing field, I retired and joined the team at the Reptile

My passion started many years ago at the age of 8 or 9 years old. I read every book I could find (there was no Internet back then) on reptiles and animals from other counties. It was not long before my parents realized I ready for a pet. Being allergic to anything furry, the choices were few and far between. There was also very few places to go – no Expos, few known private breeders and even fewer pet stores with anything outside the norm. My father did find a store in Burlington, ON called Pets & Gardens (long since closed) which had a few snakes and arachnids. With my parents afraid of both, arachnids were the smaller and less likely to cause major issues. So I came home with a Brachypelma smithi – Mexican Red knee tarantula.

From there, over the next 30+ years, I have owned so many different reptiles that I have lost count. Many were unique at the time, with little information available. By asking the right questions and working through reputable breeders and suppliers, I have been able to, in most cases, care for these reptiles correctly and with little loss of life.

I am always more than willing to share the information I have gained through this hands on approach. By having keep these reptiles myself, I am often able to help match a customer to his/her needs. It may not be what the customer thinks they want, but it is the best fit for them.

I also have the privilege of presenting many of our curriculum based School Programs. These very specialized programs follow the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and allow the teaching staff at elementary and high schools to take a step back and allow the Reptile the opportunity to expand their student’s minds through a hands on, comprehensive program.

Large summer and fall fairs are an enjoyable experience as well. Through the Reptile, the opportunity to meet people and use my passion for reptiles expands their knowledge and understanding while entertaining them. It is amazing how many people quickly get over their phobias through the opportunity to have questions answered and often handle a reptile as well.

Feel free to drop into the Reptile and visit us. Whether you’re looking for your first reptile, setting up a new enclosure or expanding your collection, I will be more that willing to help.