Midwest Equipment Now In Stock!

Dec 22

Reptile Store.ca is excited to announce that we now have a wide assortment of Midwest equipment in stock at Reptile Store.ca. This product is the standard for snake hooks, tongs and hemostats. Reptile Store.ca has hooks for the reptile keeper as well as the outdoor adventurist. Whether your scared that your Ball Python is going to bite you, or your dealing with Black Mambas on your vacation you need to drop by Reptile Store.ca for all your equipment first! Reptile Store.ca doesn’t actually promote messing around with Black Mambas or any other venomous snakes while your on holidays….just saying.

We ordered in enough product to stock you in time for the Holidays. small hooks, big hooks, collapsible hooks, hooks of all different styles and colors, feeding tongs, hemostats, probe sets, feeding tubes, restraining tubes, tweezers, grab sticks and more! Come on in to Reptile Store.ca and check out our new wall display!

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