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Sep 3

We are excited to announce the opening of a BRAND NEW retail and educations centre in Hamilton, Ontario! This city has a long history of quality in the reptile pet industry and we are looking to continue that high standard. Our retail store only carries products that we believe in and those that are tried and true. We have years of hands on experience and knowledge in regards to keeping the animals we sell. We can assist you whether you’re setting up your first reptilian pet, or your 100th! We carry a wide variety of supplies and equipment so we will always have what you need! Looking for something different or new? We are always here to help in any way we can, just ask!

The selection of live animals that come into our store is nothing that we take lightly. We deal with the most respected breeders and importers in the industry and all of our animals that are on our sales floor have been personally approved by our knowledgeable staff to ensure the highest quality possible.

Have fun on our website! This will certainly be a work in progress for some time, though we do have some great ideas and high expectations for what is to be built here! Check back often for updates on our website or please come in person to check out our brand new retail facilities!

Why not say hello? There are many ways: come by our store, drop us a line via the Contact page, or leave a comment on this post?

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