We are excited to open our NEW retail and educations centre in Hamilton, Ontario! This city has a long history of quality in the reptile pet industry and we are looking to continue that high standard. Our retail store only carries products that we believe in and those we know work well. We have years of hands on experience and knowledge, in regards to keeping the animals we sell. We can assist you whether you’re setting up your first reptilian pet, or your hundredth! We carry Ontario’s most complete dry good and equipment line so we will always have what you need… IN STOCK!

Our selection of live animals that come into our store is of our utmost concern. We deal with the most respected breeders and importers in the industry and all of our animals that are on our sales floor have been personally handpicked by our knowledgeable staff to ensure the highest quality possible.

Have fun on our website. Please come on in to check out our brand new retail facilities! Reptile is the highest quality retail store in Ontario. Check back often for updates on our website!

Our Mission

Reptile provides the highest quality of customer service, expertise, and care to all of our clientele from the new keepers to the serious herpetoculturists. At our retail outlet we carry the best products, and personally hand pick our livestock to give you the healthiest animals possible. Reptile prides itself on our educational programs that bring our community closer to our natural world. We will continue to provide knowledge and services to the public, while keeping our ecological footprint at a minimal.